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My name is Michael Luchs and I am a professor at William & Mary, in Williamsburg Virginia. I developed this blog site to share some of my research on wisdom. For now, think of wisdom as the art and science of thriving.  I’ve never considered myself to be especially wise, really. I have always, however, been curious – about a lot of things, especially about human behavior and the human experience.

Since around 2014, I have focused my research and much of my teaching on wisdom through the “lens” of psychology (our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors).  Studying people through this lens helps me notice and appreciate some truly unique behaviors and hear many inspiring personal stories. Over time, I have been fortunate to learn a lot about how wise people think and behave, and how this affects their well-being. More than ever, I believe that wisdom is one of the most important yet least appreciated and least understood concepts of our time. However, I am also convinced that wisdom is something we can all learn and that it is especially important to focus on when you’re young.

In a sense, these blogs are my way of sharing the conversations that I have had – and some that I plan to have – with my students and my own adult children.  Given my training (consumer psychology) and industry background (new product development and marketing), most of my research is focused on consumer wisdom – or, more broadly, how we spend our personal resources (money, time, and energy) in the material world (products, the built environment, and services) and how this affects our well-being.  While I am focused on consumption specifically (and we are all consumers), I think you’ll see quickly how this touches on many others aspects of our lives – lifestyle, money, climate change, personal health, wealth, and social justice.  It’s all connected. How we choose to use our own resources has a profound effect on our well-being – and on others as well. 

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

– Rumi

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I’d suggest beginning with the section in the main menu About Wisdom and then moving on to the section Consumer Wisdom which is the focus of my research. I’ve also included a few posts that are related to wisdom in other domains of life (More Wisdom) such as wise social media habits and advice for college freshmen. And, if you are curious about why a former executive and consultant (and now Marketing professor) believes that most of us are don’t spend and consume in ways that really promote our own best interest, then read about my journey here.

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