About wisdom

In the following three posts, I will introduce you to wisdom and make a case for why learning more about wisdom is essential to your well-being. Even better, I’ll summarize what we now know about how to promote your well-being (i.e., how to live wisely). This is stuff that Aristotle was fascinated by millennia ago, but he didn’t have the benefit of decades of psychology research to guide him.

What is wisdom (Part 1): A first date, describes what it means to be wise relative to just being very smart, explains why wisdom is especially important now, and who benefits from becoming wiser (yes, it is very learnable!).

What is wisdom (Part 2): An example and definitions, describes a specific example to illustrate what wisdom looks like (again, relative to being merely smart). Then, I provide three related perspectives on wisdom (philosophical, psychological, and practical) and (finally!) end with a specific definition (and a few of my favorite wisdom quotes).

What is wisdom (Part 3): Dimensions of well-being, identifies the various dimensions of well-being, describes what “living well” means within each dimension (i.e., wisdom), and describes how living well and well-being are related (seems obvious at first, but there is more to it than you might expect).

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