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Here are a few blogs about other wisdom-related topics, some from my research with academic colleagues, and others based just on being a dad, husband, and professor.

Advice from a professor to his children when they started college

When our eldest son, Andrew, went off to college, I shared with him some thoughts about how to thrive in his first year and beyond.  Personally, I struggled through college.  Sure, it was a challenge academically (my undergrad GPA over time was an avoidable u-curve:  strong start, burnout, recovery).  But, more than that, I didn’t…

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Teen wisdom manifesto

In the middle of a particularly hard week dealing with bad moods, messy rooms, late homework, and lost soccer jerseys, my wife and I realized that we needed a reset with our sons. They were, and are, terrific kids in so many ways. Fun, kind, active, and curious; they had been pretty easy to raise…

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What your kids (and you) should know about how to use social media wisely

Most parents that I know have settled on an uneasy relationship between their children, social media, and digital media in general.  It doesn’t take deep reflection to understand that there are trade-offs to spending a lot of time staring at a screen:  less time reading, exercising, doing schoolwork, in-person time with friends (since when did…

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Personal Finance 101

According to some relatively recent research, Americans spend 7,000% more time watching TV than working on their finances – which means that, on average, we only spend about 2 minutes per day managing our money (or about an hour per month). While the focus of my research is on when and how we spend our…

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