My personal bio

Dad, husband, and Shook Term Professor of Business, William & Mary

Michael G. Luchs

My wife, Ivonne, and I are parents to three awesome sons. Andrew just graduated from William & Mary (W&M) and is a consultant with Accenture. Matthew is an undergrad at W&M, and Ethan is in high school. Beyond being an amazing mom, Ivonne is also an elementary school nurse.

I love soccer, mountain biking, and road cycling, and I want to be a painter when I grow up (the canvas kind, not the wall kind). Speaking of growing up, I was born in Madagascar and have lived in Singapore, France, and Malaysia. I am surprised to still be in Williamsburg (since 2008), but it has been a great place to raise a family. I like international foods, especially spicy foods. But I also really appreciate all that we have in the US as far as food and local culture goes. If I could be an animal, I think a bird of prey would be cool (I don’t want to eat other stuff, I just want to avoid being prey). My favorite color is green; next is yellow (not just because I teach at William & Mary – I’m also a fan of the MLS Portland Timbers).