Appreciate and use your own power and influence

Lest you feel defeated by my periodic venting in other blog posts, I’m actually quite optimistic and confident about the power that we each have to make great choices.  Wise consumers, in particular, recognize the very real power they have to make better choices, their ability to influence others and to drive positive change. With time and research, we have collectively learned a lot about what does promote well-being in our society (see my prior blog on this). In short, we know that one of the most important determinants of well-being is our relationships with friends and family. Also critical are our health and having a meaningful job or career (which often includes the hidden unpaid jobs of raising children and caring for others). Wise consumers, however, also recognize how important consumption is to well-being; both as a potential threat and as an enabler. Being a wise consumer, however, also depends on having the resources you need and how you use them.

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