The Consumer Wisdom Scale – a quick, personal snapshot

Ready to take the survey and find out what your strengths are? And to identify your best opportunities for growth? It will only take about 15 minutes to complete. After completing the survey, you’ll automatically get your score for each of the six dimensions of consumer wisdom – and your overall consumer wisdom score (copy or write these down before you leave the survey; then you can return back to this site to learn more).

Find a quiet moment when you’re in a somewhat reflective state. In other words, don’t take it at the end of a tough week (not that you would want to), or right after you find out that you’re due a big tax refund. And do your best to answer each question as honestly as you can. There is nobody to impress, and you want to be open to gaining insight into your own, current behaviors. As you answer each question, reflect back on the last few weeks and focus on your specific behaviors. If you instead approach it abstractly or try to remember your behavior over a long period of time, you’re more likely to capture your subjective sense of your behaviors – most likely this will be biased towards your ideal, or maybe instead biased towards some guilt-based shadow of yourself. Focus instead on recent, actual behaviors – these are the best gauge of where you are now and what behaviors would follow if you simply took the survey and didn’t bother to reflect on it afterward. That is likely not your plan; the point is that this is the start of a journey.

The link for the survey follows below. For each question, think about how well, or how often, each statement describes you. There are seven possible responses on the scale from “never” to “always,” with options between these extremes in increasing order of frequency. Don’t obsess about a single point difference on the scale. Read each statement, think about it for a moment doing your best to reflect on the past few weeks and then choose your response.

Ok, here’s the link to the Consumer Wisdom survey! (this will open a new tab so you can come back here when you are done – and don’t forget to write down your scores!)

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